Wheel Bug Preys upon Preying Mantis

Wheel Bug eating a Praying Mantis
Location: SE Kansas
February 8, 2011 2:51 pm
Found this wheel bug feasting on this praying mantis! I thought it was an interesting picture and I didn’t find one in the gallery. Thought you might like to have it!! I hope the picture quality is good because is was taking with my phone!
Signature: T

Wheel Bug Preys Upon Preying Mantis

Dear T,
Thank you so much for sending us this incredible Food Chain documentation between two predators.  The muted tones of your image lends an almost painterly quality to the photograph.  There is a bleakness to the landscape that is reminiscent of the staged clay animation dinosaur battles from movies long before the days of computer generated animation.  We do have an example in our archives where the final outcome was different:  A Preying Mantis feasting on a Wheel Bug from 2008.

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