Wheel Bug Nymph at dermatologist's office

Georgia bug id needed
Location: Savannah, Georgia
May 12, 2011 6:07 pm
During a visit to my Dermatologist in Savannah today, he asked if I knew bugs. I asked why, to which he responded by having one of his nurses fetch a cup containing the bug in the attached photo. He explained that the patient before me had this insect in her hair, causing the doctor to almost have a seizure!
Hopefully my finger being in the pictures will help you get a sense of scale.
I’ve searched and haven’t been able to identify it, and would appreciate any leads you might have for me.
Thanks in advance…
– Marty Walsh –
Signature: – Marty Walsh

Immature Wheel Bug

Hopefully I caught you before anyone wastes any time on my inquiry.  While waiting for a reply, I started wandering around your site and found a photo of exactly my bug.  2009/06/02/immature-wheel-bug-3/
Seems my dermatologist had a patient with a Wheel Bug nymph in her hair.  Lucky patient to not get bitten!
Thanks for a great resource!
– Marty Walsh –

Dear Marty,
We are thrilled that you were able to self identify your immature Wheel Bug since our mailbox is currently clogged with identification requests and we haven’t the time to attend to them all.  We are also terribly amused with your experience at the dermatologist’s office.

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