Wheel Bug Nymph bites sunworshiper

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Location: Western Pennslvania
July 7, 2011 7:32 pm
Please identify. This insect bit be in my backyard while I was on my recliner chair. It has 6 legs, orange-brown curled tail, two orange and black antennae, two fangs. A painful puncture bite.
Signature: Tracey

Wheel Bug Nymph

Hi Tracey,
At first we just fired a quick identification response back to you, but we love your photograph and we are enchanted with your email as well.  We can’t believe that after experiencing a Wheel Bug Bite, that you would have the wherewithall to grab a camera and take such a charming photograph.  The canning lid is a nice location.  We imagine you picking green beans or green tomatoes prior to canning them when the incident occurred.  We frequently get requests to identify a Wheel Bug, and your individual is an immature nymph, but very rarely do we get a bite report.  It is alleged to be quite painful, but it seems like Wheel Bugs are reluctant to bite people.  Adult Wheel Bugs have a crest that looks like a mechanical cog, hence the common name Wheel Bug.

Dear Daniel,
Thank you soooo much for identifying this insect for me.  You are definitely right on the money and I am so grateful. I like your deduction that I was doing something as industrious as canning vegetables but the actual truth is that I was laying out in the sun on my stomach when I felt something crawl across my back.  When I moved by hand to flick whatever it was off, I felt a painful bite on my left flank.  I turned over and saw this creature on my recliner.  I had never seen anything like it.  I ran in the house and told my husband and wanted to show him what just bit me.  He had never seen this insect either and had recently experienced a similar painful bite while working in the yard in the same general area a few days earlier.  I decided to catch the bug and find out what it was.  So, the canning jar lid goes to the small glass jar that I am keeping my prisoner of war in.  Now that I know who my enemy is, I suppose I should free him…far away from the house.
Thanks again for your prompt response and correct id.

Thanks for the update Tracey,
Biting or stinging creatures, or unknown critters, should never be brushed off or swatted.  To avoid bites and stings, they should be blown off, which we acknowledge might be a bit difficult when the unknown crawler is on the back.

3 thoughts on “Wheel Bug Nymph bites sunworshiper”

  1. It is funny because I was going to tend my garden and one bit me when I went to put my hand on the banister. More than a week later I find another one on the banister and a day later in my kids pool. I dont know what to do to get rid of these bugs. The first one bit me and I still have the mark

  2. I wish this had been here in the 70s when I was a kid. I only just yesterday discovered that an assassin bug nymph is what bit me when I was in second grade (Yes, it’s bugged me (no pun intended) all this time that I never knew what it was.), and holy cow was it painful!

    I share your pain and am glad to have found this site.

    • With the internet, no mystery needs to ever go unsolved, provided you are able to filter out all of the rubbish that is clogging the communication highway.


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