Subject: Very strange
Location: 17022
May 22, 2017 7:28 am
This was actually from two years ago but the spring time has me wondering whats in store for this year. I found this on my car. I do have a lot of trees and ornamental landscaping. Its freaky and having two young kids its scary. Any ideas? Cell phone pics arent the best, sorry.
Signature: Matt

Wheel Bug Molting

Dear Matt,
You have captured images of a Wheel Bug molting.  The black part is the cast off exoskeleton and the orange insect is freshly emerged and it will soon darken.  Wheel Bugs are beneficial, predatory Assassin Bugs that should be handled with caution as they might bite.  Your Wheel Bug is still a nymph.  Adults are winged.

Wheel Bug Molting

Location: Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

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