Wheel Bug: Lays eggs in fall. Eggs hatch in spring

What’s this bug?
Location: Cincinnati, OH
May 13, 2011 3:11 pm
Back on October 24th, we came home and saw this bug laying eggs right by our front door. This week, the eggs hatched. I’m attaching pictures of both.
Signature: maddenmama

Wheel Bug Hatchlings

Dear maddenmama,
We are really impressed that you left this unknown egg mass to hatch.  These are beneficial Wheel Bug hatchlings.  Wheel Bugs are important predators that will help keep your garden free of many insects that are injurious to plants.  The hatchlings will soon disperse.  They will also lose their red coloration.  The image you provided of the female Wheel Bug depositing her eggs shows the coglike structure on the thorax which is the inspiration for the common name Wheel Bug.  They have been referred to as the Stegosaurus Bug by several of our readers.  Wheel Bugs are the largest Assassin Bugs in North America.  They are not aggressive toward humans or pets, but if they are carelessly handled, they might bite.  The bite is painful, but harmless.

Seven Months earlier: Wheel Bug lays eggs

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