Wheel Bug in Ohio

Subject:  Strange bug in Ohio
Geographic location of the bug:  Morrow, OH
Date: 04/25/2019
Time: 05:10 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I saw this sitting on my closed garage door. Have never seen anything like it. Have you an identity for it?
How you want your letter signed:  Jim Kightlinger

Wheel Bug

Dear Jim,
This is an adult Wheel Bug, the largest North American Assassin Bug, and this is not a rare insect in the eastern part of the continent, however this April sighting is quite unusual.  We generally get images of adult Wheel Bugs much later in the year, especially in northern states, and this is the time of year we expect to get reports of hatchling Wheel Bugs.

Update:  Hi Daniel – Thanks for the ID of the Assassin bug. I should have mentioned that the photo was not current. The picture was taken 10/6/2018 so being an adult was perfectly right for that time of year. Ugly little bugger though. I left him alone to do whatever ugly bugs do.
Thanks again – Jim Kightlinger

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