Subject: Large bug in suburbs
Location: Orefield Pennsylvania
October 11, 2015 4:02 pm
My husband and I just purchased a home in Orefield Pennsylvania right outside of Allentown Pennsylvania. About two weeks ago our son was playing in our player outside and I saw a very large bug crawling on his back I’ve never seen anything like it and it scared us. I then found the same bug along our screen door and the next day it had jumped on my mothers arm outside our screen door today the same kind of bug was sitting on top Of our screen door. We have an inground pool we live by a tree line in a very large neighborhood which sits along side of the forest. I grew up in this area and I’ve never seen anything like it. Would you be able to let us know what this is? thank you so much
Signature: The Claytons

Wheel Bug Carnage

Wheel Bug Carnage

Dear Claytons,
This is a predatory Wheel Bug, and though one is quite capable of biting a human if it is handled carelessly, they are not aggressive and they are not considered dangerous.  We hope you learn to co-exist with this beneficial predator because it sounds like you have a healthy population in your vicinity.  One of our missions is to try to educate the public on the interconnectivity of creatures on our planet and to encourage tolerance of the lower beasts.  This poor Wheel Bug looks like it met an untimely death, which we consider Unnecessary Carnage.

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Location: Orefield, Pennsylvania

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