Wheel Bug

Subject: Is it a love bug?
Location: Maryland Ellicott city
November 3, 2016 10:37 pm
Hi!I was home yesterday when I saw that Big bug hanging on the window’s shading screen on the deck.
I was afraid cause I had the baby with me and I only got closer just to take a pic of it!I had no idea if it was a flying one!
Signature: Eva

Wheel Bug
Wheel Bug

Dear Eva,
Though this is neither, we suspect you are confusing Lovebugs, harmless March Flies that get their common name because people frequently encounter mating pairs, with Kissing Bugs, a group of blood-sucking Assassin Bugs known to spread Chagas Disease through their bites.  Your Wheel Bug is an Assassin Bug in the same family as the Kissing Bugs, and though a Wheel Bug might bite if carelessly handled, they are not aggressive and not considered dangerous.  They are beneficial predators that should be respected.

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