Wheel Bug

Subject: Dinosaur looking bug
Location: Kettering OH
July 31, 2016 3:46 pm
Saw this bug in a grassy field in Dayton Oh where we had a birthday party at the playground for my daughter today (july31). Although it hung close to the picnic tables and bath house.
It had an interesting shaped head – dinosaur-ish and had a metallic bronze colored patch on its lower body. It had a weird vertical pincher kind of mouth and was watch me intently it seemed.
Never seen anything like it!
Signature: Curious Mom in Dayton

Wheel Bug
Wheel Bug

Dear Curious Mom in Dayton,
Nine times out of ten when we get an identification request from North America that includes the words “dinosaur” or “prehistoric” in the subject line, the critter involved is a Wheel Bug.  Like other Assassin Bugs, Wheel Bugs are predators, and though they are not aggressive toward humans, they should be handled with extreme caution as they are quite capable of inflicting a painful, but not dangerous bite.

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  1. Same here, not far from you! Hamilton, Ohio. Saw this yesterday in my yard & was quite surprised to see such a bizarre insect! Glad I stumbled on this site.


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