Wheel Bug Makes Our Day

Subject: Wheelie
Location: West Tennessee
November 17, 2015 2:48 pm
Ahh at last. I moved to Western Tennessee over a year and a half ago. One thing I hoped to see was a wheel bug. This spring my boyfriend picked flowers from outside and put them on the plate with some eggs and served me breakfast in bed. He was surprised that I was more interested in the assassin bug nymph (I think it was a wheel bug) that was crawling on the flowers.
Today I found one. Our weather has been in the 70’s until this week and many of the bugs are still around. I found this guy or girl? walking on the side of our shop this morning. It was cool today so it was moving in slow motion. It’s sad that it won’t live much longer, but at least I got a nice picture. I also resisted the urge to pick it up as much as I wanted to since I hear than can have a nasty bite.
Signature: Jess

Wheel Bug
Wheel Bug

Dear Jess,
We never tire of posting great images of Wheel Bugs and your image is quite nice.  Your written account is quite charming as well.  It is so nice to read a thoughtfully composed submission.  We get so tired of posting terse, grammatically horrifying, demanding queries texted out on a cellular telephone, so your posting really made our day.  We need a Make My Day tag, though we can’t imagine our day being made every day.

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  1. A favorite subject of mine. I’ve not seen any on Vancouver Island where I live. Lots of different bees, flies, wasps and hope to have some pictures for you when an appropriate subject appears. We do have Black Widows and Brown Recluses and various Orb Weavers. I maintain a non-aggression pact with all critters, with a relocation clause if needed.


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