Loud Flyer
Hello Bugman!
I was in Eastern PA this weekend on top of a mountain in Kempton, PA. While admiring the sites, this loud buzzing went very slowly past my ear. When I looked, there was this bug about an inch or so flying by. Its abdomen hung while it flew but managed to land on the side of a tree near me. I was able to get this photo before it continued on its way. Note that the ridge on its back does run from head to tail and not side to side.. Any help in identifying is appreciated!

Hi Jim,
Great photo of a Wheel Bug, Arilus cristatus, a member of the Assasin Bug Family Reduviidae. These large true bugs can be recognized by the cog like wheel on their backs. They are friends of gardeners since they eagerly feed on many garden pests, like the caterpillar you put in the jar. Those sucking mouthparts can deliver a painful bite if the bug is carelessly handled.

Incredible website… Now knowing it was an assassin bug, I looked through the assassin bug section of your site to get more information. What a remarkable species! Thank you so much for the work you do!

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