Wheel Bug

Subject: What’s that bug?
Location: South eastern new jersey
November 11, 2013 11:54 am
South eastern new jersey. By wetlands. Mid November. This thing is 2 inches or more! I found it on my deck. It looks like there’s a hook coming from it’s face. Yikes! I’m not usually afraid of bugs but this one gives me the willies!
Thanks in advance!
Signature: sunny

Wheel Bug
Wheel Bug

Hi Sunny,
This is a predatory Wheel Bug, the largest North American Assassin Bug.  Like other members of its family, the Wheel Bug has a mouth adapted to piercing the skin and sucking fluids from its prey.  Assassin Bugs will bite humans if carelessly handled, but except for the Blood Sucking Conenose Bugs or Kissing Bugs, Assassin Bugs are considered harmless to humans.

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