Wheel Bug

need bug ID-ed
Location: Columbus, OH
October 26, 2011 10:06 pm
What is this bug??? It moved like a stink bug (I have gotten very familiar with stink/squash bugs this year). I found this on a grave monument in Columbus, OH. Fascinated by its crazy spiked mohawk thing.
Signature: ohiodave

Wheel Bug

Hi ohiodave,
This amazing creature is called a Wheel Bug and your observations about it looking like a stink bug is justifiable since they belong to the same insect order Hemiptera.  Wheel Bugs are predatory Assassin Bugs.  In the past two weeks, we have received numerous identification requests for Wheel Bugs from many parts of Eastern North America.

3 thoughts on “Wheel Bug”

  1. I believe one of these bugs was on my deck yesterday. It freaked me out bad. We likened it to a very large stink bug but worse. It did not move fast but we did not appreciate it being around.

  2. Yep my 4yr old son was stung by one of these wheel bugs today in Japan. I thought it was totally harmless and didn’t bother taking it of him, then shortly after he gave a yelp and his eyes started to well up… i picked up the bug for closer inspection and saw the hooked spike for a mouth. It may not have been all that lively due to the cold but it sloooowly tried to extent its spiked snorkle mouth thingy again to sting me. Got rid of it but good to know its a beneficial predetor bug for next time.


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