Wheel Bug

Summer 2010
Location: 19347
March 18, 2011 9:00 pm
I took half a dozen photos of this guy in Chester County, PA last summer (2010); he looked silvery sitting in full sun on a silver trash can full of birdseed.
Signature: Sue

Wheel Bug

Hi Sue,
Your Wheel Bug is an impressive creature, the largest Assassin Bug in North America.

Wow, maybe this is why I didn’t see any Japanese beetles this
year.  Thanks!  I’m looking forward to reading your book. 🙂 Sue

Hi again Sue,
If you normally get Japanese Beetles, and you saw none in 2010, you are one lucky gardener.  We have images in our Food Chain section of Wheel Bugs feeding on Japanese Beetles, but one lone Wheel Bug could probably not handle the hoards of Japanese Beetles that typically defoliate a wide variety of plants cultivated in the garden.  Had you seen an army of Wheel Bugs, that would be a different story.  There may be other predators, like insectivorous birds, that are contributing to the gardener’s war against Japanese Beetles.  We hope you find the book The Curious World of Bugs as entertaining as Daniel intended it to be.

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