Wheel Bug

Unknown Bug
Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 2:25 PM
I saw this bug on top of an aircraft wing and took this picture. I scooped it up on some paper and was looking at it. It had a very long neck with eyes on the end. After some fun, I took it to an open doorway to set it free – only to discover that it had wings hidden along its back. The bug took off and scared the breath out of me! I have some additional pics that I will locate and send… The bug is about 3 inches long
Just Wondering
Saint Louis

Wheel Bug
Wheel Bug

Dear Just Wondering,
We are guessing that this Wheel Bug is not a recent sighting.  Wheel Bugs are large Assassin Bugs and they are predators.  All of our information indicates that while they are not aggressive, the bite of a Wheel Bug is quite painful, so they should be handled with care.

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