What’s That Tiger Beetle? Carolina Tiger Beetle

Subject: Fast Metallic insect
Location: Coastal Texas. More specifically, Port Comfort.
September 28, 2013 12:19 pm
Unfortunately, I had to pin this amazing guy for a project. He is a metallic green with some purplish in the center, and has beige eye spots and legs. I thought he would be an easy catch. I was absolutely wrong. This was probably one of the hardest ones I’ve caught, because of his size, speed, and determination to not give up. Took about 4 minutes of *almost* catching him, I finally got him. Then, moving him into my kill jar, he got out and it was another 5 minute chase around my house. After about 5 hours, I tried to move him out to pin. Turns out I forgot alcohol and he was still alive. Fast forward 3 minutes and another 5 hours (with alcohol) and here he is. Hope you can I.D. him.
Signature: Insect Chaser

Tiger Beetle
Possibly Carolina Tiger Beetle

Dear Insect Chaser,
We found your letter very amusing, though we are saddened that this lovely Tiger Beetle has ended its life as a part of a collection that will most likely be discarded after you receive a grade.  We scanned the possible species on BugGuide, but our quick search did not produce a species match.

Update:  Carolina Tiger Beetle perhaps
Shortly after posting, we realized this might be a Carolina Tiger Beetle,
Tetracha carolina, which BugGuide describes as:  “dorsal surface glossy metallic green, often mixed with red or purple; large cream-colored spots (apical lunules) at apex of elytra.”

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