*URGENT*~Brown Spider with Black Stripes~PLZ IDENTIFY~*URGENT*
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA- near cut firewood in the back yard
September 20, 2011 12:15 am
Dear Mr. Bugman, I live in Columbus, Ohio & I just moved from the west side (Hilltop) to the north side (easton) area. Right outside my apartment at night on the 19th of September, almost midnight I went to sit on my step to smoke, since I do not smoke indoors. I actually seen something kinda looked balled up but in the dark I really couldn’t tell so I actually kinda scooted it off my step with my bare hand. I thought nothing of it & continued on smoking my cigarette & entered back into my house. Going out a second time to smoke, this time I turned the porch light on & right where I had kinda flicked the thing was a big, nasty looking spider. There is a big wooden stand that holds cut firewood right on that side of my door, in the back yard. This spider was bigger than most I have seen around here, in my house as well as from what I have ever seen around the Hilltop. So, naturally I am looking for markings immediately. I have been bitten by a nast y- poisonous spider before & it has left it’s mark on me permanantly. I have the scar till this day, not a pretty memory I care to remember or even admit. So, I do have some fear. However, I also have what I call ’population control’ around my house; which is where I determine by the size, quantity, location, & just pure looks which spider I shall allow to live on, in, & around my house. If these spiders do not meet my standards of ’safety versus benefits’ I am sorry to say, they must die & I take them out immediately. Most of the time- a shoe, sometimes the occasional death by being flushed down the toilet or rinsed with water down the sink, shower or bath. Anyhow, this spider out back of my new house has me worried & I cannot quite put my finger on what type of spider it is. Before I should decide this spiders fate, I am trying to give it the benefit of the doubt here. I need your expertise… It is brown, slightly hairy but not too much though. It has what looks like 2 black stripes from his head down his back to the very end of him. I did notice on his (but) area, it looks as if whatever those things are, (two somethings) maybe his spinners or what he uses to make his web, but they look rather long or protruding. I have never seen them so defined on other spiders before. They are easily recognizable on the end of the back of his body. I cannot see his face though. Just 2 black stripes from what looks like end to end. Please, if you can help me with the identification of this, I almost want to say beast because he is sooo scary… but of this creature. I would greatly appreciate it. I think from the pictures I have seen, I would say he is either a ’Wolf Spider’ or a ’Grass Spider’. To me, he does not match perfectly with either. I am concerned because of my kids. They play in this yard as well as walk in & out of that door when needed. The difference between the two spiders I mentioned are extremely important. From what I have gathered a ’Grass spider’ can be very poisonious? A ’Wolf Spider’ doesn’t look too pleasant either. so, if you would ever so kindly please help me, I will forever be ever grateful to your cause & your generousity. thank you kindly, with love from The Hall Family……Sincerely, Lilly Hall
ps. It is the beginning of Fall here & it did just rain today. When I went back outside to see if I could get better quality pictures. I went to take a picture of the web it spun inbetween the wood logs & discovered another one already. Now, Im freaked out there is a whole family out there. Also, I caught a slug, worm & God only knows what else all these bugs are- coming from underneath my step. It’s like a jungle out there. AHHHH, somebody help me. Then I remembered it did rain…. I sure hope the pics are good enough to help u indentify the species. I took it from my 3.0 megapixel Samsung rogue cell phone. You can always zoom in on it,especially if u have some good software. I am sorry I didnt have a better camera. thanks for listening. Plz email me back, thx so much….
Signature: Authentically, I’m not sure I understand. Please, by any means you wish. whichever way is best I would guess. thank you. sorry I do not understand what this is asking….


Dear Authentically, I’m not sure I understand. Please, by any means you wish. whichever way is best I would guess. thank you. sorry I do not understand what this is asking….,
Our staff is speechless.  If the spider spun a web that looked like a funnel with a retreat hole, then it is most likely a Funnel Web Spider, a family that includes the Grass Spiders in the genus
Agelenopsis.  If it hunted without a web, it is most likely a Wolf Spider.  Any Spider might bite if provoked or carelessly handled.  Some people might be allergic to the bites of certain Spiders because not all spider venom is the same.  If you are nervous about Spiders and other bugs, we suggest you get rid of the wood pile by the house.  In our opinion, smoking is a bigger threat to your health than either spider.


Location: Ohio

6 Responses to What's That Spider???

  1. KathySWM says:

    I’m not the expert of course but it is my understanding that grass spiders are only dangerous to their prey, try not to panic. Chances are it is too small to even break your skin if it did have a go at you (which it won’t if you don’t threaten it). Your photo is difficult to make out but from your description it sounds like that’s what it is. Insects are going to be attracted to a woodpile, there’s no getting around it. Maybe don’t have it so close to your door? And I agree with WTB, the cancer sticks are far more detrimental to your health than a grass spider.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I had the same question about that type of spider. There was a brown spider about the size of my hand that literally followed me into the house. It was brown with black stripe on the back. I too was outside smoking but this is to identify a spider not smoking. What type of spider is it wolf or grass??

  3. Damian says:

    Guys please help me it was morning and I saw a spider in the window and it was small brown with black stripes and I kept seeing those in my house that was like my 9th from yesterday to today I can’t tell what type of spider it is help me I need to know if there really dangarous and I saw a picture and it showed the spider and it’s size is about a nickel coin

    • bugman says:

      The only dangerous North American spiders are Black Widows and Brown Recluses, and your description fits neither. In your desperation to seek assistance, you neglected to provide us with a location as other parts of the world have other dangerous spiders.

  4. laurel winters says:

    https://m.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14914084162/…….
    Can’t seem to find out what this guy is ???

  5. laurel winters says:

    https://m.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14914084162/…….
    Can’t seem to find out what this guy is ???

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