What's That Spider??? A Wall Spider

Subject: Strange spider
Location: Danilovgrad, Montenegro, Europe
December 10, 2012 9:39 am
I found this spider last summer, it’s about 2-2.5 cm long (with legs), and is often found of ceilings outside the houses. I never saw them inside the house. During the day, it’s dormant in some kind of web sac (as seen on image). Is it some species of ladybird spiders?
Signature: aalexaa

Wall Spider

Hi aalexaa,
The five yellow spots and the pronounced spinnerets at the tip of the abdomen are distinguishing features that should make this spider easy to identify. We do not believe it is a Ladybird Spider, but we do suspect it is some type of hunting spider, meaning it does not build a web to snare prey.  We will post your photo and we hope to have an identification soon.

Thanks to a comment by Cesar Crash, we believe this is
Uroctea durandi, one of the Wall Spiders in the family Oecobiidae according to the Encyclopedia of Life.

Thanks! Now when I know the latin name, it was not hard to find some more information about the spider. It’s common Mediterranean species, although, at least in Danilovgrad, that’s not the case. Maybe because of somewhat colder weather during winter than in coastal area.

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