What's That Flea???

Subject: What Kind of Flea is This?
Location: Ontario Canada
January 22, 2013 11:45 am
Hi, we’ve had a flea issue lately although our cats do not go outside. My cats have been given advantage twice since December 15th and I vacuum almost every day. I’ve been unsuccessful at finding fleas on them. But it seems like we have two different kinds of fleas going on.
I’ve found a few on chairs that jump and appear to be cat fleas. They are small and dark brown and are very fast.
But every now and then I will get a bite and take my shirt or pants off and find a litter brown flea that doesn’t crawl as fast and doesn’t jump away when I try to catch it! Very disgusting to find a flea in your pants! I inspects my clothes every time I put them on and don’t see any on our beds. I wear white socks and never do I have any on them. It’s not like they are jumping all over us but every now and then there’s one biting me or my son but not my husband!
Could this be a squirrel flea?
Signature: Ali


Dear Ali,
We apologize.  Despite your excellent photomicroscopy, we haven’t the necessary skills to properly identify your Flea to differentiate it from other Fleas.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to assist in this matter.

4 thoughts on “What's That Flea???”

  1. Does your bites hurt. I was having a problem with something biting me while I would set still or go to sleep I could not never see what was biting me . I had a allergic reaction to the bite very painful it would swell & itch like crazy.

    • April that is exactly what I have! It’s driving me freakin nuts! I’m scaring from the bites it’s terrible and 4 Dermatolagists and 3 drs at local places have no idea what is causing the bites. How did you get rid of them???????


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