What's That Bug? being used to identify specimens in Maria Sibylla Merian illustrations!!!

unidentified Caterpillars
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
regularly I take a look at your web site. I myself am a biologist from Germany. At the moment I am identifiying caterpillars and moth prints for a reprint of Maria Sibylla Merians book Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium (1705) published by TASCHEN VERLAG Köln (probably 2008/2009). Because there are still a lot of unidentified moths and caterpillars in her images – although a lot of entomologists like in 1982 William Stearn (BM London) or recently (2008) Sandrine Ulenberg, an entomologist from Amsterdam, determined the depictions of insects before – I became engaged in it. With the help of your page whatsthatbug?, I managed to identify some (not all) of the unidentified caterpillars and moth-species in Merians book. Thank you!
The other information is: I found an interesting web site in which a huge larviform beetle image is seen, which you didnt identify up to now. I´ll send it. It is not a huge caterpillar but a beetle, which you have documented several times in the past. I hope I could help you. Yours sincerely
Katharina Schmidt-Loske, Bremen
I am sure you know the huge exhibition on “M.S. Merian and her daughters”, now at the Paul Ghetty Museum. Don´t you?

Hi Katharina,
Please let us know the date and page on our website when you provide the larviform beetle identification. I will be doing a lecture in conjunction with the Merian exhibit this month. I am copying Stephanie Schrader, the curator of the show on this email. I eagerly await any information you can provide.
Daniel Marlos

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