Bee or Sawfly??

Subject: Clumsy mountain bee
Location: Ola, Idaho
April 29, 2013 10:16 pm
Here is a bee I photographed in a patch of Mule’s Ear. There were two other varieties of bee out that day, but these are the only ones that would stay still for a photo. I took these in late April at an elevation around 4000 feet near Ola, Idaho.
Signature: Buck Rekow

What's That Bee???
What’s That Hymenopteran???

Dear Buck,
We do not recognize your Bee and we haven’t time to research its identity prior to posting.  Perhaps one of our readers can supply a comment regarding the identity of this Solitary Bee.

Solitary Bee
Solitary Bee or Sawfly???

Update:  Probably a Sawfly
Thanks to a comment from Austin, we took a closer look, and while we still cannot provide a species, we believe Austin is correct that this is a Sawfly.  The clubbed antennae seem pretty convincing.


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