What’s That Spider???

Subject: Help ID
Location: reston, va
March 4, 2014 9:00 am
I keep finding these brown spiders in my basement. Need help with identification. Got a close up of eyes and.
Signature: buggin’


Dear buggin’
Our editorial staff spent much time in Reston in the 1960s and 1970s when it was first built as we had relatives who moved there from Fairfax.  Visiting the relatives always meant a trip to the Smithsonian.  We are posting your photo and we will attempt an identification when we have more time.  Perhaps one of our readers will write in with a comment.  You might also try posting your photos to BugGuide because there is a huge network of folks that contribute there as compared to our lowly staff here at WTB? that formats each posting, crafting our individual responses with loving care.  If you get an answer from BugGuide before we provide an identification, please let us know and we can update our own posting.  Please use Reston Spider as the subject line.

2 thoughts on “What’s That Spider???”

  1. Used to live in VA for many years. This looks like what we used to call “grass spiders”. They would run the crickets down in our basement and eat them. It was like an episode of national geographic!


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