What’s That Israeli Bug??? Sausage Fly

Subject: Very Large Flying Bug
Location: North Israel
September 26, 2013 2:45 am
Hi, I found this bug that I’ve been trying to identify for days! at first glance it reminded me of a wasp. its about an inch and a half to two inches in length and I’ve never seen an insect like this before so hoping you could give me a hand figuring out what it is!
Signature: T.M.

Perhaps a Flying Ant
Perhaps a Flying Ant

Dear T.M.,
This one certainly has us stumped.  We would have a much easier time telling you what it is not, but that would not really be helpful.  We suspect you have the order Hymenoptera correct, and that includes ants, bees and wasps.  The legs on your insect are so insignificant and the head and antennae are also quite small.  Our best guess is a Flying Ant.  Perhaps one of our readers will have time to research this one.

Moments after posting, we received a comment from Joshua identifying this Dorylus Driver Ant male as a Sausage Fly.  We confirmed that on Alex Wild Photography.  When time permits, we will try to do a bit more research into this fascinating creature.

Oh wow, thank you for the help and the quick response! I would be interested in any additional information you may come by.
Thanks again,

7 thoughts on “What’s That Israeli Bug??? Sausage Fly”

  1. For the past couple of nights these have been gathering at my terrace door, seem to be attracted by the light. However, they are either on the screen or on the tiles of the terrace and trying really hard to get in. I found two in the house that must have entered thru tiny cracks in the screen. I live in ramat Bet Shemesh, ISrael.
    Any more information? Dangerous? Do I have a nest? WHere are they coming from?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. I’ve seen these gathering at lights on warm summer nights in Israel before, but never really wondered about them until a friend asked. I was shocked to discover that there are driver ants in Israel. A single colony can, without warning, completely destroy three beehives in a single night. These gigantic males are harmless, though.

    • Hi Avi.
      These are not driver ants. we have the same infestation at work and they look nothing like driver ants.
      More like the “sausage flies” mantioned before.


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