What’s Growing on the Blueberries???

Subject: What is it
Location: Central florida
March 31, 2016 9:23 am
We found this on our blueberries
What is it?
Signature: Larry32773

Galls on Blueberries
Galls on Blueberries

Dear Larry32773,
This has been on our back burner for the past week, and though we have done some research, we have drawn a blank.  Our initial thought is this is some type of Gall.  A Gall is a growth on a plant that can be caused by an insect or by some other organism.  These Galls, if that is what they are, do not appear to be caused by an insect.  We will continue to research this matter.

Galls on Blueberries
Galls on Blueberries

Thank you.
I was thinking it might be a fungus if not an insect.
Larry Lackey

Some Galls are caused by fungus infections.

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