What’s That Exuvia??? A Stonefly

Subject: Strange bug.
Location: Deer Park, Washington
May 18, 2014 9:35 pm
I personally have not seen this bug, but I just recently had a friend describe how his family and himself found a ton of these hanging out by their parents house in Clayton Washington. He described it to me, saying that he was actually quite a bit scared about it. While I thought his mysterious bug was interesting, I more or less brushed it off. Then this afternoon, I had several friends talk about some weird bug they saw and one actually posted a picture of it (picture I included). I know absolutely nothing about the bug other than it’s in eastern Washington, was chilling outside, and that it’s freakier than a Parlomont bassline. Help would be much appreciated.
Signature: Eric

What's That Exuvia
Stonefly Exuvia

Hi Eric,
This is the exuvia or cast off exoskeleton of an insect that has undergone metamorphosis.  We believe it is a member of the order Orthoptera.  We will do additional research and attempt to identify the species.

Thanks to several comments, we realize that this is actually a Stonefly Exuvia from the order Plecoptera.  Immature Stoneflies or Naiads are aquatic insects that mature into winged Stoneflies, so the exuvia are generally found in close proximity to bodies of water.

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    • Thanks for that comment. We must have been tired and not thinking clearly this morning when we looked at the image.


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