What’s That Bug from Singapore? A Caterpillar perhaps

Subject: Bug ID help needed
Location: Venus Drive , Singapore
January 11, 2014 1:16 am
Hi ! Im new to nature macro photography. I shot this tiny little furry thing which crawls. Can u help ID this ?
Thk you
Signature: Eric Lim

Possibly a Caterpillar
Possibly a Caterpillar

Dear Eric,
While your macro image is quite artful, it doesn’t really show many characteristics that would be helpful for an identification.  Do you have a more traditional angle, like a dorsal view or a lateral view of this creature?  Our best guess is that it is some type of Moth Caterpillar.

Update:  January 12, 2014
While researching a South African Caterpillar, we discovered these photos of a Lymantriinae Caterpillar from South Africa on ISpot that looks similar to this creature.

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