Subject: educational link request
June 19, 2014 5:54 pm
I am a middle school science teacher at St Francis Xavier Prep in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and I stumbled onto your website today while doing some research for a science book that I am putting together for my sixth grade students. The new trend  in schools is to get textbooks on iPads which I dislike intensely, however, I had one thrust upon me along with an Apple laptop which I also dislike intensely but that’s beside the point. The newest iPad version textbook I have used with my sixth graders is terrible. It was dumbed down so much I gave up and decided to write my own for my classroom use only. Although I can’t say I really love arthropods, I do love science and living things. From the browsing that I have done on your site, I think you enjoy what you do, as well. I like to get my students enthused about what they are learning even if it can be icky. Would you be interested in being a link in my classroom book for my students’ questions when we get to the arthropod section
? I have about 50 – 60 students in grade six. They may ask nothing or something depending on how motivated I can get them.
Signature: Jackie Battles

Dear Jackie,
We are flattered with our assessment of our site and we are also intrigued with your request.  We need to come clean and inform you that the most popular posting on our site continues to be What’s That Bug? will not do your child’s homework, but with that said, we would be honored to try to assist your students.  PLease have them include the name of your school, St Francis Xavier Prep, in the subject line if they write to us with a request and the best link is our Ask What’s That Bug? link if they have images.  They can try our Comments and Questions link if they have no images.  We will try to the best of our ability to direct them to the best postings on our site to answer their questions.

Thanks for your reply. I teach about the whole kingdom of life in the sixth grade so I don’t get to animals until late spring, but I download my book for my students in September so they would have access to the links that are included in it. As of right now, I don’t have any schoolwork questions where the children would have to need you  to help them with their homework  so don’t worry about cheating. Hopefully it  would be purely for curiosity and  fun. I do manage to get my students excited about things from bacteria to fungus to arthropods sometimes. If anyone in the building finds a “bug” it usually is trapped and then escorted by an entourage down to my room. (I’m not sure what they think I’m going to do with it, but nonetheless it is given to me.) So as you can see, the kids will find a bug and maybe ask you what it is instead of me and do some browsing on your site and learn something.
If you are nosey – the school website is
Jackie Battles

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