Unknown Yellow Winged Bug
Location: San Rafael, CA
September 5, 2011 4:22 pm
I found this light yellow bug lying on the patio, close to expiring. (9/2/11) It has an unusual long head, and almost antennae-like projections from the back side. Never seen anything like it. Your help in identifying would be very much appreciated. Sure do love your site. Thanks so much.
Signature: Laura M

Corpse of a Preying Mantis

Hi Laura,
This is the corpse of a Preying Mantis, and it has been decapitated.  We suspect a bird is most likely the culprit, especially if as you have written, that it was close to expiring.  If an insect is decapitated, the reflex actions might cause the body to continue to spasm.  Insect predators like Hornets or Dragonflies, or even another Mantis might also have brought about the demise of this Preying Mantis.

Thank you so much, Daniel. There are Preying Mantis around in our area, but I had never seen one at our house before. So that never came to mind. And although I thought the front looked maybe not complete, I didn’t realize the head was completely missing. I agree that a bird was likely the culprit as we have several bird feeders and many active species in the yard. I appreciate your swift and knowledgeable response!
Laura M

Location: California

2 Responses to What Killed the Preying Mantis???

  1. umi says:

    don’t female preying mantis eat the head of the male after mating? that might be what happen to his head.

  2. Kevin says:

    Yes, that is a male praying mantis that had its’ head bitten off by the female after mating.

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