Butterly ID – Fritillary?
Location: Northern Wisconsin
September 3, 2011 11:07 pm
Good day. I took this pic on 8/27, and have been trying to identify what type of butterfly it is. I bought a guidebook and it seems to be a fritillary, but I’m struggling with just which one it is. Thanks for your help.
Signature: Laurie


Hi Laurie,
We still have problems trying to identify many of the Greater Fritillaries in the genus
Speyeria to the species level.  We will post your photo and continue to research, but we hope to enlist the assistance of our readership with a proper identification.  You can also try browsing the species on BugGuide.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks so much for your response.  The more I tried to identify “which” specific fritillary, the more confused I became.  I’ve been looking into guides and websites specific to the region, but can’t reach a conclusion :).  And I know another photo with the wings open would have helped.  The ones that seem closest to my pic are Atlantis, Aphrodite, Great Spangled, or Silver-Bordered but I’m not sure.
Thanks, again.  This may just be one of “life’s mysteries” and that’s OK.

Nice research Laurie,
Our top choices were the Aphrodite Fritillary and Great Spangled Fritillary, but we didn’t feel confident enough with the identification to relay that information.

Thanks, Daniel.  My first two choices were Atlantis or Great Spangled but for no specific reason.  One of my guides talks about the forewing on the Aphrodite having an additional black dot, so I had moved that choice down the list a bit.  And the size of the Great Spangled seemed a bit large but otherwise close.   I know it’s nature and nothing is ever concrete.
I’m gonna post this pic to my bird forum and see what they think and I’ll let you know if they have any thoughts.

Location: Wisconsin

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  1. brandymulvaine says:

    I had the same thing happen a few years ago-yes it’s a frit but what frit?? Mine turned out to be an Aphrodite! Wanted to post the picture but guess I can’t add it?

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