Western Horse Fly

Western Black Horse Fly
Hi Everyone!
Love the site as most everyone does. I look up insects
frequently for identification, research, and fun. Thanks
so much. I found this fly in our backyard of sunny Santa Barbara,
CA, and by looking up your site I think I pegged him to be
a Western Black Horse Fly, Tabanus punctifer . Confirmation
would be great. Enjoy the pics and thanks again for your hard

Hi Christopher,
Thank you so much for submitting your image of a female, not
male, Western Horse Fly. There is a space between the eyes
of the female, and the eyes of the male are closer set. Compare
your image to this male Western Horse Fly on BugGuide.
The male also has a darker patch on the thorax.

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  1. A bit narrow on reply.
    How do I get rid of them could and should include things they avoid.
    An organic mixture of ? When sprayed on my cow will keep them away. Not sure what to use, peppermint, garlic, cedar….


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