Update: January 11, 2011
Location Malaysia
Dear Daniel,
I managed to get better pictures of the thrips, they are identified as Western Flower Thrips. See attached files.
They are a major pest for greenhouse growers and very difficult to control.


Thanks for the update on your Western Flower Thrips.  Now we have to determine if the singular form of Thrips is Thrip.  This Earthlife page uses the singular Thrip.  Perhaps it is a moot point since a gardener would never have just one Thrip.


Update: May 15, 2011
Upon posting a new possible Thrips photo, we discovered this comment on Csiro:  “The word thrips, is grammatically a plural noun, as is the word sheep. Therefore a single thrips is still ‘a thrips’ (not a thrip), just as one sheep is ‘a sheep’ (not a ship!).”

Location: Malaysia

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  1. Richard says:

    There is a new flying biting bug in Arizona that is only about 0.02 microns. help! Have samples.

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