Western Conifer Seed Bug killed in UK!!!

Subject: UK Unknown Bug
Location: London
February 26, 2014 8:23 am
Hi i just killed a bug that i saw and i have never seen anything like it in the UK i asked my family n friends and they have never seen anything like it too and i can’t find anything on it on the internet. hope you can identify it please?
Signature: Craig Tanner

Western Conifer Seed Bug
Western Conifer Seed Bug

Hi Craig,
The Western Conifer Seed Bug, is a North American species native to the Pacific Northwest.  As early as the 1960s, its North American range was greatly expanded, probably influenced by being able to stow away with the belongings of humans who are getting increasingly more mobile.  We learned that they were first documented in Northern Europe in the early years of the 21st millenium, and it appears that this Invasive Exotic species is now firmly established in the Old World.  British Bugs has additional information.

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