Western Conifer Seed Bug entering home

Subject:  Beetle ?
Geographic location of the bug:  Catskill New York
Date: 10/15/2017
Time: 10:15 AM EDT
Hundreds of these bugs on and around my house. Also finding their way into my house.
Can you tell me what they are ? Are they pests or are they good for my garden ?
Thank you !
How you want your letter signed:  Deb

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Dear Deb,
Though it is a North American species, one can make the argument that the Western Conifer Seed Bug is an invasive species when it is found outside its original range of the Pacific Northwest.  Beginning in the 1960s, there was a noticeable range expansion across much of North America and eventually into Europe, and this range expansion is probably due to human assistance.  Western Conifer Seed Bugs will enter homes when the weather begins to cool, and they probably stowed away in luggage and other items that people took with them when they traveled or relocated.  Though Western Conifer Seed Bugs feed on the seeds of conifers, there is no evidence they harm the trees themselves.

Thanks Daniel,     Cannot believe how many are crawling on my house, trying to get in. Some actually do and eventually die.  Is there any correlation between the enormous number of pine cones this fall and the appearance of theses Conifer Seed Bugs ?
Thanks again !
Hello again Deb,
Your observation that there is a greater food supply in the form of pine cones is a likely reason there are greater numbers of Western Conifer Seed Bugs this year.

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  1. I’m concerned that what I think are the conifer seed bugs are kissing bugs which I’ve read can spread disease. Twice I’ve awoken to one crawling on me. How do I tell the difference? They were ALL OVER the outside of my house this past fall and have gotten into the house. I’m still finding them but not in such numbers. They make a buzzing noise when flying and stink when I squish them. Can you help me to correctly identify them?


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