Subject: Is it poisonous?!
Location: Ayr, Ontario (outside Cambridge)
October 20, 2015 7:26 pm
Hi there,
Thank you for existing! I’m terrified of this bug I just found 3 of in my home- when I killed it, a green liquid seeped into the paper towel that smelled like evergreen trees and was so strong. Can you tell me what it is and what I should do about it thank you so much.
Signature: Megan

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Dear Megan,
The Western Conifer Seed Bug, a species that greatly expanded its range in the 1960s, probably by hitching rides with humans because of its hibernating habits.  Native to the Pacific Northwest, they are now found on the eastern portion of North America as well, and they have been introduced to Northern Europe very recently.  Western Conifer Seed Bugs frequently enter homes during the winter to hibernate.  Because they feed on the sap of pine cones, they retain the smell of the resins when mercilessly squashed.  They are not poisonous.

Location: Ayr, Ontario, Canada

5 Responses to Western Conifer Seed Bug

  1. Stink bug that is what we call them

  2. My kids are petrified of them – because they are lousy “flyers” and will most likely land in your hair. LOL They STINK! – when harmed.
    I catch mine and throw them back outside – VERY harmless.

  3. They love people and yes they do small bad but will not harm you

  4. They look a lot like Bee Assassin bugs.

  5. Kristina A. Larson says:

    Just this last Sunday I saw one of these critters on one of the windows after our potluck at church. I let it crawl around on my hand for a while and was going to let it fly to freedom, however it decided to hang out at one of the other windows near the doors. Not long after, some young (and probably naive) girl noticed it, grabbed a napkin, and uttering, “Eww, a bug,” snuffed out its life, in turn becoming revolted by the ensuing odor. I told her in a subtle tone it wouldn’t have hurt anyone (I didn’t want to sound like some PETA freak, lol) and that’s likely how they keep themselves from being eaten. But she said it was an ugly bug (???)

    Kristina A. Larson
    Ellsworth ME

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