Subject: Borer Beetle??
Location: central New Hampshire
October 5, 2014 11:40 am
These beetles come into our house as the weather starts to get colder here in New England. Not sure how they get in. They are approx. 1-2 inches in length. I catch and release them back outside. My wife worries they are harmful to some of the native trees. What is this and is it a destructive critter?
Signature: bugged in NH

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Dear bugged in NH,
Your description of this Western Conifer Seed Bug is accurate.  When the weather begins to cool, Western Conifer Seed Bugs often enter homes to hibernate, and though they can be a nuisance, they will not damage the home, its furnishings or its inhabitants.  The Western Conifer Seed Bug is native to the Pacific Northwest, but in the 1960s, due to a variety of factors that might include climate change and human travel patterns, the Western Conifer Seed Bug increased its range to include all of North America except the southeast.  The Western Conifer Seed Bug feeds upon “sap from green cones, twigs, seed pulp, and sometimes needles of Pinaceae (pines, hemlock, spruce, Douglas-fir)” according to BugGuide, but they do not harm the trees themselves.

Location: New Hampshire

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