Western Conifer Seed Bug

Beetle infested!!
Dear Whats that Bug,
Hi there, I was hoping you could tell me what this beetle is and why this year all of a sudden they appeared. They started about a month ago invading the house coming thru the cracks around the windows (we have a very old house not bug proof we live with spiders and bugs) and they were outside waiting for their opportunity to come in ! The really weird part is when you pick them up or try and get them outside they put off a very potent smell almost chemical like. They actually come in two different colors there’s this one that is kind of reddish and then there is a grey and blackish with same markings as the red ones. I have lived here my whole life and have never seen them like this. We live in Northern CA in the Redwood country its about 9 miles inland from the coast. Thank you so much for your help if you can identify these.

Hi Melissa,
You don’t have beetles, but Western Conifer Seed Bugs, Leptoglossus occidentalis. They often seek shelter indoors to hibernate.

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