Western Conifer Seed Bug

Need insect ID
January 14, 2010
My husband gets this bug on his desk in his 3rd floor attic office about once a month. It is very slow moving. We live in Woodinville, Washington which is about 20 miles east of Seattle.
Woodinville, Washington USA (Seattle)

Western Conifer Seed Bug
Western Conifer Seed Bug

Hi Susie,
We just finished posting another letter of a Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis, that had been smashed, so it is nice to follow that with your photo of a living specimen.  Western Conifer Seed Bugs are native to the Pacific Northwest, so this is a local native insect for you.  Adults often seek shelter indoors when the weather begins to cool.  They will hibernate and become active again when the weather warms in the spring.  They are a benign species that will not harm you, your home or its furnishings.  Adults and nymps feed on the sap from the cones of conifer trees, so they don’t even damage the host trees.

Thank you so much for the ID and the helpful information.
Susie Egan

4 thoughts on “Western Conifer Seed Bug”

  1. I have been finding what looks like the Western Conifer Seed Bug in my house in Woodinville, Wa. and also in my shop in Redmond, Wa. .

    When I killed them the fragrance they emit smells like green apples. Is that a common result?

  2. I love these guys – are they beetles? I find them in my home about once every two weeks, and I’ve been putting them outside because they’re so slow-moving, I’m afraid I’ll accidentally squash one.

    If I chose to leave one indoors, will it starve or die of thirst?

    Thank you.

    -Inordinately Enamored of Bugs

    • Western Conifer Seed Bugs are True Bugs, not Beetles. They seek shelter indoors to hibernate. We cannot predict the survival rate of an individual that seeks shelter indoors.


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