Western Conifer Seed Bug

Unkown Household Bug
Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 4:42 PM
We have encountered at least five of these bugs inside our house. They are always out in the open in a well lit room and do not run away with human presence. In searching the internet I would say they look a lot like the timberman beetle. Six legs, the back two distinctly larger (almost grasshopper shape). Long front antenna. The head protrudes from the front of the body. The body is about 1/2 inch long and the entire but is about 1 inch long. The coloring is brown with light brown patches (like the timberman beetle). We live in the western suburbs of Chicago and the bugs began appearing in November (after the first frost and when we started heating our house). The first four bugs were found in the second story bedroom but the last one was found in the ground floor kitchen. (we live on a slab).
Western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois

Western Conifer Seed Bug
Western Conifer Seed Bug

Hi Kim,
This is a Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis.  The Western Conifer Seed Bugs are seeking shelter from the cold and they will not harm you, your pets or your home.

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