Western Conifer Seed Bug

Nasty looking bug in Florida..need help identifying
I found this nasty looking critter stationed on my patio window in Tampa, FL. He flies but apparantly not too well…I heard him crash into the window with a thud….about 1 inch long, 1/2 inch wide with legs similar to a big roach or preying mantis. It had distinctive eyes and a flat head….the bug itself was relatively flat but the head looked kinda like a shovel. Where the eyes were was completely flat and not round like most bugs. This guy was sand-colored with a shiny black patch on its back that almost looked seperate from the rest of him. He looked like he could pack a mean bit if I were to step on him or something. yick…nasty, nasty….
I’ve seen similar looking critters about 1/20th of this guys size, about the size of a roofing nail head in my house at times but this one was gigantic in comparison and much lighter in color….almost like the little critter’s, larger and meaner big brother or something. Those little critters however are jet black but have a similar flat head, so I would guess they are related somehow. They look like something right out of the stone age. Please help me identify this. My wife is now terrified of the patio. In the photo above, I got a lot of glare from the glass but you can really get a good look at this guy’s head and see how its triangular almost. His eyes are on either side of those points.
Buggy Tampa, FL

Hi Phil,
Your insect is one of the True Bugs, most probably the Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis, a member of the Big-Legged Bug Family Coreidae. We have more photos and information on our True Bug page.

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