Western Conifer Seed Bug

assassin bug, spp?
Hello Bugman : )
I was sooooo excited to find your website yesterday and immediately knew I had to email you this photo. I work at an outdoor science school in northern California (4,100′ elevation, just north of Yosemite) where we teach a class called "Life in a Log". We survey the forest floor for invertebrate life and are currently trying to make our own site specific ID book. Thus, I’m wondering if you know what species, or even genus, of assassin bug this is. Thanks so much for your help!! Your website is such a valuable tool – thanks for hosting it!!!! Cheers,
Traci Fesko
Sierra Outdoor School
Sonora, CA

Hi Traci,
Your insect is not an assassin bug, but a member of the Coreid Bug Family, the Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis. This Pacific Northwest Species has spread throughout much of the eastern U.S. in recent years.

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