We’re on Holiday

Gentle Readers,
The editorial staff of What’s That Bug? will be on holiday for the next two weeks.  We will not be responding to your numerous identification requests until the end of June, but because we do not want our loyal readership to go through any withdrawals, or to suffer separation anxiety, we have prepared postings to go live to our site daily during our absence.  We anticipate that upon our return, our mailbox will be stuffed with hundreds if not thousands of identification requests, and we are certain we will not be able to respond to more than a tiny fraction.  Meanwhile, please use our search engine to attempt to self identify any sightings that pique your curiosity.  We hope we will get to see Fireflies in Northeast Ohio this June.


Update:  June 27, 2015
We’re Back, and the Fireflies were spectacular.

2 thoughts on “We’re on Holiday”

    • Thanks. We did, and now we are back and we don’t know how we are ever going to catch up on all the mail that arrived in our absence.


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