Here are some pictures of another critter from San Juan, Colon, Panama. He was found at night attracted to a porch light. What is he? He has orange “hair” around his “nose” and the underside of his “head”.

Hi Lisa,
Sorry, we forgot about your letter. Yes, this is a Weevil, but we do not know the species. Sadly, there is not a comprehensive guide to Panamanian, or even Central American insects. Perhaps you should compile one.

Update (06/10/2006)
An answer to Panama Weevil of May 2
We were recently on a trip to Costa Rica and took pictures of that same bug, it was very large – something like 4 inches long. I was able to identify the weevil through Bug Nation as a Rhina oblita – Cuban Weevil. Apparently there was a Cuban stamp with this critter. You can cut and paste the following link in your browser for a look-see:
Diane from St. Petersburg, Florida

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