Weevil from Dallas, Texas

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Didn’t have a scale at the time. Less than.250 in. 

Found about a week ago, 12/22/23. 

Found on wall next to kitchen pantry. Dallas Tx. I live downtown. 

I thought it was a boll weevil but the color is jet black. Not dark brown. 

This is some species of Weevil, but there is not enough detail to determine a species.  According to the Smithsonian Institution website (https://www.si.edu/spotlight/buginfo/beetle#:~:text=Weevils%20(Curculionidae)%20constitute%20the%20largest,the%20largest%20Family%20of%20insects.):  “Weevils (Curculionidae) constitute the largest family of beetles, and are arguably the largest Family of insects.”


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