Subject: Bug in our house
Location: Peterborugh, Ontario, Canada
August 1, 2014 9:43 am
We found this bug on the floor of our house. The reason that this is important is that within the past few days before finding the bug our dog has lost all mobility in his back legs. We were almost forced to put him down as he is old and figured that it was simply the arthritis in his hips finally taking over. We love him so much that we decided to buy a set of dog wheels for him to give him one more chance. During the time that he has been beginning to be trained with the wheels we saw blood on his paw and the next day found this bug on the floor. We cannot tell if the front ligaments are antennae or legs. We wondered if it could be a tick. This would be good news to us because the paralysis in our dogs legs could be due to tick paralysis which is sometimes reversible. Our whole family and our puppy would appreciate greatly an answer.
Thanks so much!
The Wards
(Attached is the photo of the bug and our doggy with his new wheels!)
Signature: The Wards

Weevil:  Otiorhynchus raucus

Weevil: Otiorhynchus raucus

Dear Wards,
We wrote back earlier to inform you that we felt there was no connection between this Weevil and your dog’s paralysis, and though that has not changed, we have identified your Weevil as
Otiorhynchus raucus, a species that according to BugGuide is:  “native to w. Palaearctic (Europe to Kazakhstan), adventive in NA and widespread in the north (across so. Canada & adjacent US)” and “earliest record in our area: ON 1936.”  We hope you dog’s health improves.

Location: Peterborugh, Ontario, Canada

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