Subject: North NJ Bug
Location: Fair Lawn, NJ
September 28, 2012 2:36 pm
My six-year-old daughter Courtney, an avid bug collector, found this guy in her grandma’s backyard yesterday and would love to know what it is. It was found in Fair Lawn, NJ, on September 28.
Thanks so much!
Signature: Dawn Altieri


Dear Dawn,
We hope you don’t consider our editorial staff to be slackers, but we don’t have the energy right now to identify this Weevil to the species level.  Weevils are the largest superfamily of insects belonging to the largest order of insects, the beetles.  Here is what BugGuide has to say:  “Arguably, the largest animal family with more than 40,000 species worldwide and 2,500 spp. in ~480 genera of 19 subfamilies in our area (Staphylinidae and/or Ichneumonidae may turn out more speciose.)”
  The other impediment is that many Weevils look alike, with the long snout and drab brown coloration being identifying traits of many Weevils.

Location: New Jersey

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