yellow weevil from cyprus- genus lixus-
Hi there. I wanted to let you know that i found one of these on my rose bush two days ago. I have never seen one before, but as I find weevils very fetching with their enormous noses and beady eyes, I took a photo. It ate a whole rose leaf before it disappeared but was there all day. Are they actually native to another country, eg, Cyprus as seen on your website. We are in a severe drought here, and I thought it may have come to the garden where a few things still have green leaves. cheers,
Jenny Davis

Hi Jenny,
There are over 35,000 species of Weevils worldwide, making the family Curculionidae the largest on the planet. Your letter is unclear if you are from Cypress, or if you think your Weevil looks like the one from Cypress. It does possess the yellow powdery bloom that Eric Eaton describes for the genus Lixus.

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