Subject: ID strange bug?
Location: Phoenix
September 19, 2012 12:48 am
I come across these bugs (just one at a time) in various parts of my home. I have seen them on the patio too. They’re usually walking but can fly. I probably see about 5 a week and usually in the evening. They seem harmless but I have no idea what they are, or if they cause damage – I was worried they’re termites, but they don’t look like any in the photos I’ve researched. Any idea? Thank you!
Signature: Jennifer


Hi Jennifer,
This creature is a Webspinner in the order Embiidina.  According to BugGuide, they are benign insects that live in “silk galleries [that] are spun under stones and bark, in debris, cracks in soil or bark, among grass roots, lichens, mosses, and epiphytic plants winged males of some species are attracted to artificial light” and they are “more numerous during the rainy season.”

I actually found the answer on your site right after I sent this by searching for “pincers”. Definitely looks like a webspinner. Thanks!

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