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source that id’s eggs, young and adult of common garden insects
August 19, 2011 10:31 am
I am looking for a source that will help me identify the eggs and young of various garden insects, preferably in side-by-side presentation. I am an organic gardener and want to smush only the bad eggs and leave the good!
Love your web site, the pics and info are so fascinating that I sometimes lose track of time. Thanks for your help.
Signature: Frances Korunes

Hi Frances,
Thanks for your interest.  We have much of that on What’s That Bug? already,  but we do not have it located in a single place.  We just started a Gardening Blog tag that we want to devote to bugs from the vegetable patch, but it hasn’t much there yet.  We are going to begin tagging old posts to help populate that tag, but any new project on our website takes time.  Meanwhile, we can suggest Dave’s Garden and the BugFiles section

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