We Got Chickens

July 19, 2010
Last Wednesday, we decided we had waited long enough on the construction of the chicken coop and we were ready for our three hens.  Sam at Verdugo Pet Store in Highland Park, Los Angeles, had some 6 1/2 week old Aracauna hens for $4.50 each.  We saw them just before leaving for Ohio last month and they were just peeps.  They grew into attractive adolescents.  I bought a gold one, a brown one and a brown one with a gold head so I could tell them apart.

The Chicken Coop with 3 resident Aracauna hens

The chicken coop was completed earlier in the week.  The locks on the three screen doors were a big challenge.  There is an upper floor composed of two lofts with a perch between them.  When my hens are large enough, the nest boxes will go there.  the back of the coop has two small holes currently covered with screen that will eventually become the egg doors when needed.  There are three screen doors on the coop, each made from a picture frame, including the shattered pieces from a piece of Vacillation art dating to 1992 that was a casualty of the great 1994 earthquake.  I need to tile the top of the converted work table so the chickens don’t get wet when it rains.

Two of the Hens their first afternoon in the coop: 14 July 2010

I continued to work on the chicken yard over the next few days, eventually surrounding their area with a two foot high fence all around.  Then I went over all but the final side with four foot chicken wire before I ran out.  I need to buy more from Verdugo Hardware Store on Eagle Rock Boulevard.  I have to figure out how to make a door too.  This is all quite imperative since the little gals are starting to go airborne.  I need to take them to Sam to have him clip their wings.  I also extended the fence for the chicken run to include the compost pile.

My three Aracauna fledgling hens in the compost pile: 16 July 2010
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