We are not in competition with BugGuide. Rather, we have forged something of an Alliance.

love letter to the bugpeople
Hello there, I can’t even tell you how many bugs I’ve identified from your site. I prefer it to bugguide because I learn so much more while I’m searching for what I’m really looking for. I end up seeing some other interesting things and learning about them and soon enough (sometimes) I run into that very insect/arachnid. Thank you, thank you! For instance, this morning I was trying to ID what turned out to be a Giant Ichneumon and I ran across another photo which besides a wasp contained Cerambycid Beetle larva which I had run into last winter and completely misidentified as mud dauber larva. I love your site. Thank you so much. I know you must be swamped, so don’t feel it’s necessary to reply. Thanks again

Dear Marielle,
Your letter put us in a very good mood today. We love hearing that our tangled method or archiving has led to identifications of some of your previous encounters, albeit through a circuitous route. We are huge fans of BugGuide and are in awe at the site’s organization, but slobs that we are here at What’s That Bug?, we doubt our own archives will ever be quite as tidy.

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